[Feature Request] Disconnect from email account

The Problem

After discrovering the email client MailSpring, I like its neat interface and modern feel & look, so I started recommanding it to all my clients and event install it on their team computers ! They are pleased too to finally find a neat email interface.

I recently started receiving some requests from some of my clients about “how I disconnect my email account till I’m office again”. Those clients are switching from google workspace, and they got some habits from using a web interface and connect/disconnect feature.

So I promized one of my client to request this feature directly to MailSpring devs :blush: and here we are !

I am aware of the minus “-” button to remove an account. But it’s not very practical especially when you have an IMAP account with custom in/out server config, but yes autodiscover exist but the clients aren’t very tech savvy, so going through options become counter-productive for them (from their point of view). And as a web agency I can’t afford time to assist remotly every Monday 8 AM to re-add their email accounts :flushed:

Proposed Solution

Make it possible to disconnect from an email account directly from the main interface.
The disconnect function just log-off the users but keep the account and folder stored so when they log-in again they don’t need to go through the configuration process again and the folders won’t need a full sync with the server to retreive folders skeleton and emails

In short, we would love a feature to let us :

  • Log-off the user locally from MailSpring without deleting the account and all it’s data
  • Keep email account and all emails stored
  • Log-in locally to MailSpring later to find the email account as we left it

And thanks for this wonderful email client !