[feature request] View in right pane all attachments from sender; View all attachments from all senders

The Problem

Difficulty finding attachments. For example, I am trying to find several PDFs sent to me by vendors with quotes for a project.

Proposed Solution

Include a view of attachments on the right pane of all previous attachments from that sender.

Secondly, implement an “All Attachments” where you see thumbnails of all attachments from all senders on a single page.
Display in right pane all previous attachments from sender. This can be added to the right pane of email history as separate tab. emClient offers this:

Also, implement an “all attachments” view so you can scan through all attachments regardless of sender. This is implemented by emClient, Mailbird and Thunderbird.

Alternative Solutions


I like this idea :slight_smile: I second it

I came across this idea because I was unhappy with the attachments at the bottom, if emails get long, I always have to scroll to get to them, this idea is a step further, but I like it as well!