Finding Out if an Sent E-mail is Read

Hi. I just joined MailSpring Pro today. I’m trying to see if a sent e-mail from earlier this week has been read. I didn’t put the “Read” option prior. Is there anyway to activate the Read option or is it too late?

Its too late, I’m afraid - getting information about the email being read requires code to be embedded in the email you send, that will be acted on when it’s read to let Mailspring know about it. (Such code isn’t embedded by default for various reasons, including privacy.)

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Ah, shoot. Thank you!

Yeah, that’s disappointing.

It’s not specifically a Mailspring issue, I’m afraid, it’s just how these things work (I believe). Also, it’s worth knowing that “read receipts” always depend on the software the other person is using and are never 100% reliable. Sometimes, the other person’s email client doesn’t behave the way the sender expects. Sometimes, the recipient has deliberately turned off such responses (again, privacy). So they’re really more of a hint than a reliable indicator such as you might get in WhatsApp or something like that - email just wasn’t designed for it.