First message on the list ecliped by the toolbar

Unfortunately I am still not able to reproduce it. Even with multiple quitting the application, etc.

Does using the arrow keys to the top most email work as another workaround? I will try again probably over the weekend if I am lucky to reproduce it so I can look for a solution.

There’s another way to reproduce, however, it takes long time. Leave Mailspring running minimised for long (in my case overnight) and let a new mail come in the meantime. The row with a new message appears eclipsed after window is restored.

Still no luck with reproducing this. I also tried different screen resolutions and similar changes, But it seems that my Windows 11 like Mailspring more than yours…

I wonder if this is related:

The top is displayed correctly, but the bottom of the message lands under the edge of the window. I cannot scroll further as the scroll bard goes below the edge of the window as well.

It’s consistent for me. Are there logs I can supply anyone or anything like that?

Logs from GUI rendering?
I’ve tried to look at CSS, but except the fact most elements have fixed sizes in px I couldn’t see anything wrong, but I’m not the expert. The relationship between the container keeping the list of messages and the toolbar let’s the top of the list being rendered underneath it while the top edge should never start higher than the bottom of the toolbar.

I was just thinking of any logs I could supply that would help devs diagnose/replicate.

New finding.
When the view is OK, meaning no eclipse of the top message on the list, I replied to the message, then after sending the top message is again eclipsed.
Recycling the view to vertical pane and back to horizontal restores the right view till another reply takes place.

Yes, it is related to this. The email thread is at 100% height, but the toolbar above is taking up some room.

After a while, the chromium renderer just flips the overflow from the bottom to the top.

Made a PR for the fix.