First - time setup


I’m trying to setup mailspring for the first time and I receive this error after clicking through the initial process. How can I fix this?

Seems like you cannot access the stripe website. Is it still falling? If yes, are you in stone kind of corporate network where the page may be blocked by a firewall or proxy?

Unfortunately yes, I’m on a home network. I am using a VPN but I have it bypassed using the split tunnel feature, so it shouldn’t be blocked by that (if it were the case). Any thoughts?

Can you open in a webbrowser? This really smells like a network problem and not a mailspring issue.

No. It’s odd, I’m a bit stumped. Thanks though :confused:

“The hostname could not be resolved” is a DNS error. Dies the DNS resolution for this domain work properly through your split tunnel?

You may try to use Mailspring without a Mailspring ID. Maybe that way there won’t be a connection to stripe necessary.