Flatpak Distribution on Linux

The idea of packaging Mailspring with Flatpak has been floated before. As the Flatpak ecosystem becomes more mature and widespread, I believe this is worth taking a second look at.

  • Flatpak is preferred over Snap by many distros, and is presently more widely adopted than Snapcraft across the Linux ecosystem.
  • Flatpak has a smaller “payload” due to its ability to share dependencies, instead of bringing everything itself.
  • Flatpak has better integration with system theming and icons.

The related GitHub discussion is here:

One of the major Snapcraft issues that underscore the need to move to Flatpak:

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Very happy to see this revisited. Flatpak is quickly becoming the package of choice for most Linux distros and has a good update model for pushing new features etc without tracking down an RPM or DEB.


Has there been any movement on this? I’m happy to contribute if it’s warranted. I have atmoic OSes and would love to pay for mail spring and use the app.

If you want to help package it, we’d sure appreciate it!

electron-builder now supports flatpak natively…

btw… having to create an account on mailspring’s forum to update a bug is a bit annoying.

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Thanks for the heads up.

btw… having to create an account on mailspring’s forum to update a bug is a bit annoying.

Sorry for the inconvenience. GitHub Issues simply was not maintainable for this project, and we’ve been in need of a proper community space for some time besides.

I would also like to mention that Flatpak is more universal, but the primary reason I want to avoid snap is its inability to update software nicely.

Once an update for a snap container is released and its installed, the container loses its filesystem and usually starts misbehaving massively, this has already caused me data loss with multiple snap containers and snap developers do not prioritize fixing that issue by-default. Some ugly half-workarounds exist, but I don’t do those. That is an unacceptable risk for me and I want to use Flatpak that doesn’t have caveats like this.

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