Flatpak Version

I am wondering if the new version of Mailspring will be available in flatpak? I have the Flatpak installed, I am using Fedora 37. I see there is an rpm version that is the current release. I have my email sorted into many folders and I would rather not have to redo all that work if I switched to the rpm version.


It seems the flatpak version is always (or very often) lagging behind in terms of udpate…

On the computer using the Flatpak version (one of my 3 fedora machines), I often get notifications for the newest version,and it doesn’t go away until (not sure how long but I would say) 2 or 3 weeks. But it always ended up being updated. Hopefully this’ll be the case again for 1.10.8.

It’s unclear to me if this means the flatpak version is discouraged from being used. I had read in rather old publications that snap was the prefered method of distributions for Mailspring on Linux distros.

For my other two Fedora computers, I downloaded Mailspring directly from the website (rpm install) and if I’m not mistaken, it’s updated with DNF. On those computers, it seems it’s always up to date.

Yep the popup to upgrade to version 1.12 appears but can’t update my system beceause I use flatpak. Would it be possible not to show the popup until version 1.12 available on flatpak ?

The flatpak version is maintained by the flatpak community. Any issues are best mentioned there: GitHub - flathub/com.getmailspring.Mailspring