Font size of email INBOX LARGER?

I finally found a good email client. Took years. I always say for the last 10 years to everyone…we can put a man on the moon but can’t make a good email client where the newest email in convo is on top.
Well mailspring comes in and just kills it!

Love everything except the inbox is too small. I can’t read most of my emails even with glasses. I need to make it bigger on the right side to read the emails.
Is there a way to add this feature to scale the incoming mail?

There is a setting that scales the whole UI. So you could just expand everything.
I am always looking for a finer level of control. I guess you could look at a theme and modify the font sizes there.


Yeah i make it max size but then the left two panels are way to big for my liking! Definitely wish there was a separate scaling for right pane (reading the emails)

I have been looking at themes - although not for font sizes.

When you say you need the font-size larger to read emails - which part of the an email needs to be larger?
Some parts - the header section containing To, From, actual headers, and the show-images box, are determined by mailspring.

The message content, though, may be html where font sizes and colours are determined by the sender.

I have just checked a couple of messages

  1. A sent message with the single word ‘unsubscribe’. This hasn’t been styled by the sender, and in developer mode I was able to change the text font size from 14.5 to 36px. Depending on the mailspring theme you use and your facility with html/css you could change this default font size.

A message about an Amazon account sign-in, where the font size was set within the email by the sender.
Changing the font size for this message would be difficult, and probably not worthwhile. The formatting of html in email, while not a dark art, is hampered by a dependence on inline styles, and putting everything into tables. Changing one thing could make the whole mail look weird.

Mailspring could include accessibility tools into the reading-pane interface, which would allow you to expand or contract font-sizes in that component. An interesting feature. (I haven’t looked at Mailspring’s accessibility features at all. Perhaps such a thing already exists.)