For a paid mail client, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Hi, for a paid email client, in my view the only thing you have that can be said “wow” is the option to see who has opened your email. The rest is a bit mediocre and forgive my criticism.

Question. How can you forward the same email to another person without forwarding the previous message, ie, a completely new email but retaining the content already sent?

The templates are also half-finished, there is no option to add a subject and no option to attach files.

This is something you can do with any free email client, so guys, let’s get to work and improve the application, let’s make those 8 dollars count. :slight_smile:

Well, you can’t do those with every free client, but they are fairly common features (and people have requested the missing fields in templates elsewhere, if you’d like to add a vote for that).

As to your question, I don’t quite know what you’re asking: you want to forward a message without its history, but with its history?? One thing you might be looking for is the ability to forward an earlier message in the thread, which you can do by clicking the Reply dropdown menu on the specific message you want and choosing “Forward”.