For those installing on an arch based distribution

For those installing on an arch based distribution such as Arch Linux, Manjaro, Artix Linux etc. I have made a package installation for the latest 1.8.0 build. If people like this I may continue to release new ones

Install the package using
sudo pacman -U [package name]


Thank you so much for this! I know Arch-based package installation has been something @bengotow has wanted to see in the past.

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The thing is it has to be built on a arch based distribution though

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Can you guide me which package I have to download?

I’m confused, what do you mean? Click on the link above and follow the instructions. There is only one package if you click on my link

No idea if your version is affected but the forked libre version gives an error when “Help, View License” is picked.

Unable to run the command specified. The file or folder does not exist./usr/share/mailspring/resources/app.asar/static/all_licenses.html

It looks like this link should be: /usr/share/mailspring/resources/app.asar.unpacked/static/all_licenses.html

I don’t maintain the libre version at all. I literally take the deb release from the foundry’s repo and make an installale package for arch based distros such as Manjaro, Artix Linux, and Arch Linux itself.
On another notice, I have created the 1.9.1 release. Sorry didn’t get time to create the 1.9.0, so sorry. Here is the link to the 1.9.1 release. Release 1.9.1 Release package file for Arch based distributions · rodude123/Mailspring · GitHub

FWIW, the maintainer of the libre fork, @notpushkin, is around here too. Since we made the ID optional and MailSync open source, we’re collaborating more.