FYI - I reverted from Mailspring 1.9.2 back to 1.7.8 and it has been Great!

There were just too many issues with the 1.9.* releases such as:

  • When double-clicking more than 2 or 3 emails which would open multiple windows, the main Inbox would go blank - and sometimes resizing them would fix it for a second before it goes blank again.
  • Sending/replying to mail would get stuck in my Drafts folder and unfortunately many of my recipients would not receive the emails in time which actually hurt my business and my reputation.

This is some of the most basic issues and really, I should stop my paid subscription and move over to Thunderbird since its probably the most reliable (but ugly) client out there, but the reason that I want to stick with Mailspring right now is because of the Read Receipt Notification and Link Clicking notifications.

So decided to down grade back to a time when I had no problems with Mailspring and that was version 1.7.8

I’d recommend anybody else who is experiencing these types of problems to do the same.

FYI, I’m running the following:

Kubuntu 20.04.3
Mailspring 1.7.8 - Deb Version

Interesting - I may try this myself. I’ve not had some of the big problems people have reported but I have had a few. Do you know what the big improvements were supposed to be with 1.9.x?

@JohnP it’s quite a lot to chew, but you can have a look at the release notes here:

Thanks for that. As you say, lots of good stuff’s come since 1.7.8. (And I think folk complaining about lack of development are being a bit harsh. Lack of engagement here on Discourse, yes, but we’re getting new releases fairly often still. Even if they have issues for some! :roll_eyes:)

I’m happy we’re getting new releases. However, some of the bugs make it unusable. Especially:

  • If my the whole window becomes white and I can’t see anything in the window… no mail, ne messages no side bar, etc
  • When I press send, and the email just sits in my drafts…

I’m still paying for this service… and honestly, 1.7.8 is working perfectly

Is there a Mattermost Channel, Slack Channel, IRC Channel or even a Discord server where the community can chat with each other about these shortcomings?



That’s all absolutely fair enough. I’ve been lucky enough not to be hit by those issues so the balance will be different for me. I’m sure the link will be useful to other people looking to weigh up the pros and cons of reverting.

I don’t think there’s a chat channel for Mailspring, no. Not sure it’d add a huge amount over this forum, though?

Wow, it works! I was new to Mailspring at around the time of 1.9 and immediately had so many problems that I bailed out. Just came back to see if there had been any update and saw this. Installed 1.7.8 and am pleased to say that it actually works. So I will stick to the working older version as well until some fixes come out. I really love the idea of mailspring and now that I can use a function version it’s awesome.