Ghost in Mailspring is trying to send emails

Obviously it’s not a ghost but Mailspring keeps opening a popup window with a new outgoing email that contains an attachment named database-agent.js.

This seems extremely nefarious except that there is no recipient in the To: field.

The bigger problem is that it is annoying having to not only close these randomly generated windows, but I also have to then delete the drafts as they all end up in the drafts folder.

The worst instance was when I tried to search for a string of text in one of my accounts. A new window popped up with each character I typed in the search box. 16 new emails filling my screen suddenly.

I’m running the most current flatpak version 1.9.2 on MX Linux XFCE.

I was wondering why a week has passed without any reply, then I read another post saying that Mailspring has been abandoned. That’s a shame because I would have paid for this software if it wasn’t so full of bugs. Time to go back to having 5 separate gmail tabs open all the time.


Sorry for the late reply. Can you open the developer console and check if there are any logs in there?