GitHub Migration COMPLETE

I think this is worthy of celebrationโ€ฆ

As some of you know, when @bengotow brought me on as Volunteer Community Manager at the start of January, the GitHub repository had a backlog of over 1.1K open issues. My goal was to manually audit each issue, migrating active, recent, and promising bug reports and feature suggestions to Discourse, and merging duplicates in the process.



I screen-recorded the moment I closed the last one:

Expand this to watch!

Thanks to @Phylu for pointing out duplicates and helping me get this done.

Some Stats

Starting with 1.1K Issues on GitHub is something. So howโ€™d it boil down? Exact numbers are hard, but hereโ€™s some ballpark numbers:

Of the approximately 1.1K GitHub Issues I started with, there wereโ€ฆ

  • 671 migrated by me: 322 bugs and 260 enhancements. Of those, there were approximately 257 duplicates.
  • 258 stale (or migration-by-op), meaning the issue either had little-to-no recent activity, or we werenโ€™t confident that the issue was reproducible in the latest version of Mailspring. (A handful have been migrated by the original authors, but those numbers arenโ€™t easy to get.)
  • The rest - approximately 171 other issues โ€” were either already implemented, were rejected as issues, or were just non-issue questions or discussions.

In other words: approximately 41% of issues were migrated, while approximately 59% of issues were duplicate or stale!

GitHub Issues is now purely for our own developers and contributors to track active tasks.

As to our Discourse:

  • 215 Issues are now open on Discourse. (Be advised, some of these are new, rather than being migrated from GitHub.)
  • 199 Feature Suggestions are open on Discourse under #features. (Some of these are new too.)

I dunno about you, but this is a beautiful picture to me:


Have a happy day, and long live Mailspring! :vulcan_salute:


Well done & Thanks for the great work!