Give option to hide left sidebar

The Problem

The left sidebar containing inboxes, folders etc. take up a lot of space when the window is minimized

Proposed Solution

Give an option to hide the left sidebar like you can hide the contact sidebar


Exists in many other mail clients

I agree that would be helpful.

Another solution for the layout would be to allow a horizontal split between the message list and the reading pane, which Thunderbird supports:

That would give a lot more lee way with the width of the window.

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@amandabee I am currently working on this layout mode. It will hopefully be included in the next release.


Any update on this? Right now the left sidebar is a tremendous waste of space.

If you elect to use the unified inbox it’s totally useless most of the time. In this case I would want an option to hide it completely.

When you aren’t using unified inbox and need to access this sidebar frequently to switch between mailboxes it’s nice to be able to simply make this pane very narrow. The user should be able to resize this pane to an arbitrarily small width, and Mailspring should eliminate all the padding on the left side as they do this, so that only the mailbox names are visible.

I’m just evaluating Mailspring right now after switching from and these visual clutter issues are by far the biggest issues for me. gives you lots of ways to reduce the amount of information on the screen, and if you have a pared-down UI the amount of clutter in Mailspring hits you in the face. It would be extremely valuable to me to reduce the amount of visual clutter. (And perhaps it should be the default!)