Global Mail Folders/Labels

The Problem

I often get 20+ emails a day, and found it super overwhelming to the point where my inbox could easily reach 500+ unreads. I’ve stared leveraging inbox rules and they’ve helped a ton . However, I have several accounts linked, and often labels are repeated across accounts.

Proposed Solution

One solution I think would be great is a global collection of labels that could be applied to every account in Mailspring. This would mean that when a global label is created it is synced with each account, and mail rules would also be able to be applied globally to all incoming mail.

Alternative Solutions

The alternative is the current solution, where labels are kept across different accounts. I use this feature and like it, but I spend most of my time in the “unified” view (and many others probably do as well), so it would be great to have a “unified” label view as well.

(Originally posted by amadrzyk on GitHub.)