Gmail: Mailsync Error 134

There are multiple reports of Mailsync 134 errors on trying to connect Gmail. There’s quite an extensive history, so see the bug reports. (I won’t be migrating the comments.)

I am experiencing the same error but I might have an idea about the cause. I have two computers with the exact same setup. Both running Arch linux. My laptop had the same issue until I travelled to London. When I was there I changed the timezone on my computer and shortly after I was able to add my Google account. Could this problem have something to do with the country or the clock (oauth)? I am still unable to connect my google account on my stationery computer located in iceland (GMT0). I am a programmer myself and with help I could provide you with some debug information.

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I am also having the same issue while connecting to GMail. In my current location, it is also not possible to access gmail without using a socks5 proxy or VPN. I am using KDE Neon 5.21 User Edition. I configured the proxy settings from the system. I have also tried through VPN but the issue remains the same. Please find a way so that we can access the gmail in mailspring. This is the only issue that I am having now. Other than that, I am enjoying using mailspring.

I had this issue on Archlinux with the yay install, trying to use OAuth on my Lenovo X1 Carbon. I found the problem was with my /etc/resolv.conf file.

I had misconfigured that file so the only uncommented line was not a correct nameserver command. I corrected it, ran systemctl restart systemd-resolvd to pick up the changes, and attempted OAuth again successfully.

My fixed /etc/resolv.conf:


Not sure I have anything to add, other than I also am experiencing this. Running opensuse tumbleweed. On two computers, it will not connect to my gmail account, but connects to my gmx account just fine. On my laptop, I tried removing the conf file and re-inputting the info. Now it won’t connect to either account on the laptop (lol).

This all started for me when the electron apps broke on an update. So, for both mailspring and discord, I have to use the --disable-gpu-sandbox argument to get them to open at all. I have no idea if this is related or not.

EDIT: on a whim, I tried the flatpak app, and it is working correctly now (yay)! I’ll update again if it craps out on me in the next few days.