Gnome Online Accounts integration

The Gnome desktop already has an online accounts section where different accounts can be set up for email, calendar, files etc and manages authentication. Evolution integrates with this to provide pre-configured mailboxes and calendars per account.

It would be great if Mailspring could also tap into this system to auto configure itself.

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Hey! If anyone knows more about this and could write the code to retrieve the account information and passwords from Gnome, I think this would be a really cool feature. It’d probably be best to wrap the retrieval into a node module that could be used in other projects as well. If anyone can put together the necessary code (in C++ probably) I can help get it tied into Mailspring!

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No C++ developer but did some digging:

Looks like there are 2 ways to implement this:

A: use the GoaClient – native module
B: Use the d-bus API with this node module: GitHub - Shouqun/node-dbus: dbus module for node – pure js implementation

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