Google Account unable to connect every day, need to reconnect

Hello, mailspring was working well, I changed my google’s password, and reconnected it to mail spring, gave it all permissions, and received a correct smtp message. everything worked fine for about half a day The next day I saw a red square at the bottom-left corner saying that account couldn’t reconnect, so I rebuilt cache, and reconnected it and everything worked for another day, then I saw the error again, so i deleted the account from mailspring, rebuilt cache once more, deleted cookies on my browser, rebooted the computer, then reconnected the account, and it worked for another day, now I come back to my computer, to see the same error again.
I use a small business, google apps account, and this is the first time I’ve had issues. please any help is appreciated


I’m experienceing the same, has the problem been resolved somehow?

I’ve got the same thing for multiple google accounts. Re-authenticating also not seeming to work (no new emails coming through since monday…)

Same as the opening post, clean re-installs but somehow it’s trying to authenticate with a stored and incorrect password. I have to re-authenticate and overwrite the correct password and then it works fine for a day. The next morning it reverts back to ‘fails to authenticate’.