Handle forwarded messages in separate threads

When a message is forwarded, it appears in the same thread, which will then reply to the person you forwarded the message to, instead of to the original sender, when you press reply.

Use case:

  • Important mail arrives
  • You forward to colleagues for their opinion
  • You go back to the original message, hit reply, intending to reply to the sender of the initial mail
  • Instead, you send a message to whoever to you last forwarded it to

In my case I didn’t realise this had happened for a week, and some important document didn’t arrive.

More generally, mixing threads with forwards makes their history hard to follow, especially when you receive replies to those forwards.

UX would be improved if the original message and replies thereto, were kept separate from forwarded copies and replies thereto. Ideally each forward should be a separate thread – you may want separate confidential discussions about a forwarded message with different people, and not want to risk mixing them or sending confidential info to the wrong person.

(Originally posted by samtuke on GitHub.)