Has Mailspring been abandoned?

Won’t Load/sync with Office 365 no matter how many times i try.

I wanted to pull the trigger on the Pro version and merge my Fastmail, Office365 and Gmail into one place and take advantage of some of the features that Mailspring has but when I couldn’t use it with my office 365 account, it just doesn’t won’t work for me.

Now it suddenly stopped working/syncing with my Fastmail. Too bad, seemed to have so much promise

If anyone is interested, I can provide all the details, but it doesn’t seem likely I will get a response based upon the interaction here.

If this is the only way to get support, if the platform isn’t dead yet, it will be soon.

Sorry to see it. :frowning:


Does anybody know if the developer is still working on this app?

I really doubt it. I tried to contact them in every conceivable way possible and …. Nothing, no response. It’s a great idea but has glitches which it looks like will not be addressed. If it’s not dead yet, it will be soon.

FYI, this general topic (the question of whether Mailspring was abandoned) was raised on github a little over a year ago and anyone who tried to offer supporting information (i.e. examples of broken features being ignored in support, etc) was marked as disruptive and/or told they were flat out wrong. So if there is still anyone around working on this… prepare yourself to be attacked for even daring to suggest that this might be abandoned.

The only reason I keep hanging on to Mailspring despite years of these issues is that it’s the only email client I’ve found that does click tracking on links, and I’ve come to depend on that. I don’t want to go back to using Gmail in the browser, but I may have to… because I can’t imagine paying for another year only to keep having Mailspring crash all the time, lose messages, not sync everything, and myriad other issues I’ve tried to report over the years only to be ignored or marked as disruptive.

Just to let you know: I am still working on Mailspring. However, only on the frontend part. The update to a new electron version is currently on its way.

Unfortunately, the part doing the sync with the Mailservers is out of my understanding. Any help is totally welcome.

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Hi Phylu… thanks for the follow up. I wish I had the skills to help because the platform has so much promise - but only if a little time and attention is given to keep things in place. Any idea on how to contact someone/anyone that is working on the underlying platform?

About a year ago I bought the pro version excited by the features and overall functionality of the app.

But when the problems started I realised that the project is not reliable for my job.

I cancelled my subscription - not happily- and sent a sincere review and suggestions to the developer.

Of course no response….

And as I see a year after,the situation is still the same.

Such a pity…

What a great tool would have been.

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What exactly do you mean with the underlying platform? @bengotow is the maintainer auf the project and responsible for the infrastructure of the pro functions. He is also the person with the knowledge of the mailsync core powering Mailspring. If you ping him here, he might see your message.