Help with china's biggest email provider 163

I am not able to connect 163 email provider via mailspring, mailspring stuck at scanning 0%.

it fails at, wondering why mailspring create such folder

Could not create required Mailspring folder: Mailspring/Snoozed.

that’s annoying, mailspring tries to create this folder in my every mailbox

There are some other reports here about certain email providers showing this problem - not being to create certain folders that Mailspring requires, and Mailspring then refusing to go any further. Might be worth hunting out those reports and adding your vote.

yeah, why mailspring try to create this folder mailspring/snoozing?

Presumably, that’s where it puts snoozed emails?

looks like yes, since I don’t need snoozed email, I belived it just annoying me, just did uninstall. continue to use my mobile instead.