Hide apply label button or static trash button

The Problem

I have accounts with outlook and gmail and when in my unified box and I’m deleting mail, the “Apply Label” button doesn’t show for outlook emails which moves all the icons side to side as I’m deleting so I have look where I’m clicking constantly

Proposed Solution

I would suggest either a static “Trash” button that doesn’t move or option to remove the “Apply Label” button all together so it doesn’t move the icons side to side

Do you mean “archiving” rather than “deleting”? Because I think you’re talking about the set of icons at top right over the email content, on which I can see the behaviour you describe.

When it comes to deleting like this, I personally just use the keyboard shortcuts, rather than trying to hit small buttons with the mouse. But I quite agree that having the toolbar change like this is confusing and unhelpful. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to disable rather than hide the “Apply label” button for non-GMail accounts (if there are any GMail accounts - hiding would still be best if someone has no GMail accounts IMO).

Yeah those icons… the Archive button does that too as well as the Trash button. Well all the icons left of the Label button move so if you were using any of those buttons between gmail and outlook account they would all move.
I guess I am just used to using the mouse more than my keyboard so it was quite confusing and annoying.
Yeah would be good to have an option to disable. Or instead of alligning the buttons right just have them not move so you always know where the button is no matter what account you are on