High RAM usage (multiple GB)


I read about other reports of “high” RAM usage around 300MB, but what I’m seeing often is multiple GB in use by the main process when the client is idle. I don’t know what’s causing it but I doubt that’s necessary. In this particular case (screenshot), the main process is constantly using 4.7GB when it is not syncing and the inbox is empty with no emails open. I do have multiple email accounts logged in.

To Reproduce…

It’s hard to reproduce – I can’t really point the action that causes it, but this happens nearly every day. After some time (a few hours to a couple of days) of normal usage, (a few emails received and open, syncing multiple accounts) I notice the used memory spanning multiple GB and not going down until the process is terminated.

After a fresh start (new process) and first sync, the memory usage of the main process goes back to its normal 100-200 MB levels.

Expected Behavior

RAM usage to remain around a few hundreds of MB or eventually regressing to this level after a resource-intensive task.




Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 21.04
Release: 21.04
Codename: hirsute
  • Installation Method: .deb
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.2-6e14dad1 (latest as of time of writing)

Additional Context

I have 5 email accounts synced across Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook providers, but no resource-intensive task that I see would justify this usage of RAM. I could not replicate it by doing simple tasks (opening and writing emails, emptying spam, saving drafts, etc), I suspect that this gradually happens after hours of consistent usage and allocation of memory that is not freed.

I see exactly the same (Kubuntu 21.04, deb install of MS 1.9.2) - over a day or two, Mailspring’s memory use goes up and up. I’ve just got used to quitting and restarting it every so often to bring it under control. Which isn’t great - there’s clearly a memory leak. Unfortunately, these are famously hard to fix. :angry:

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For people who’ve encountered this problem, you can (on Linux desktops, at least) add a memory-usage widget to your taskbar so you can keep an eye on your RAM use. I do this and kill Mailspring manually whenever it seems to get out of hand.

I’m getting some pretty significant memory leaks on macOS lately…

Hi everyone,

Also noticing 2GiB-3.5GiB of RAM usage from Mailspring alone (3 mailboxes, 1 Gmail, 2 IMAP/SMTP). Getting way too far out of hand, I’m lucky to have systems with 16GiB-32GiB of RAM, but this is still outrageous. This needs to be addressed ASAP.

Linux Mint 20.3, kernel 5.4 LTS - Mailspring 1.9.2


Adding onto this:

Mailspring which has been sitting idle on my computer is often running with 2.8GB of RAM usage or higher.

Manjaro Linux, kernel 5.15, Mailspring 1.9.2