Hovering over buttons has no visible result


Hovering over the buttons on the left (such as inbox, send mail, etc) has no visual effect whatsoever. I can click on them and they work (and highlight as green), but there is no hover indication before clicking.

I’m using the default dark theme, but this seems to be happening on all themes.

Expected Behavior

Hover should lead to an accent color or some form of indication that I’m hovering over a button/element.


  • OS and Version: Arch Linux (6.0.8-arch1-1)
    • Installation Method: AUR
  • Mailspring Version: 1.10.6-ba7e89bb

Additional Context

This is fairly small, but an important part of making a UX feel modern and interactive. It looks like this may not be supported in theming, but a focus color is, see here. I’d suggest adding support for a hovor color, with default color being the focused color + 50% opacity (or using some other method to derive hover color/appearence from the standard focused or active color)