How do I access the Outlook calendar in Mailspring? Do I have to go back and forth between the Outlook app and Mailspring everytime to to utilize it?

I am new to Mailspring and am trying to learn how to use some of the functions it offers and trying to figure out what I can and cannot do. I cannot find any information on how to access the Outlook Calendar while in Mailspring . Can you access the outlook calendar from Mailspring? Or do you have to go back and forth between Outlook and Mailspring to utilize the calendar. Sorry if I missed something really obvious that I need to do, or should know, but couldn’t find anything that referenced this. I would appreciate some tips and tricks on the use of Mailspring as well.


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Hi. I have the same question. Seems nobody answered yours, so I’m wondering if you found an answer somewhere else.

Unfortunately, I didn’t. I am sorry.