How do I stop deleted emails going to archive?

Please help. I do not want my deleted email to go to my archive folder. I just want it to be deleted.

How do I enable this?

You can configure the folders that Mailspring uses for deleted mail in the Folders section of the Preferences. Hopefully, you’ll find that the trash folder’s been connected to the wrong folder on the server and you can reset it like this.

I have that same question. I looked in the Folders section of Preferences but there doesn’t seem to be any way to define that deleted mail should go to the trash folder instead of to the archive folder. As a workaround I’m clicking on the trash icon in the message window instead of hitting the delete button but it would be nice if hitting delete sent the message to the trash folder.

If I look at Folders, all my accounts (GMail and otherwise) have five options: Inbox; Sent mail; Drafts; Spam; Trash. IMAP accounts also have Archive. In every case, all of those folders can be defined.

The other thing to check is to be sure you’re hitting Delete and not Archive when you get rid of your emails! I’ve found myself doing the wrong one before now and it leads to much confusion. (Whoever invented the Archive concept just made life hugely harder for everyone IMO!)

I see those settings but if I designate the archive folder as a trash folder wouldn’t I then lose the option to archive a message? It’s strange that the default action for hitting the delete key sends a message to the archive folder instead of a trash folder. (I’m talking about the physical delete key on my laptop’s keyboard, not a screen icon.)

I found a solution: In the Shortcuts section of Preferences, under “Actions,” I set the Trash shortcut to be the delete key. Now when I hit the delete key the selected message is moved to the trash.

Excellent - glad you found a solution. (This is part of the problem with the “Archive” concept: some mail services, like GMail, use Archive as the default instead of Trash, and there’s no clear consensus any more on what the “expected” behaviour is when deleting an email. :roll_eyes:)

It’s nice that mailspring gives you the flexibility of deciding what to do with deleted messages. I’m really enjoying this email client–I just started using it. I wish there were an option for donating to the project instead of purchasing a monthly subscription.