How do you get separate sent folders for each Mailspring email account?

Hello right now I have 3 emails being brought into Mailspring and I only see the SENT Folder in the top area which shows SENT messages from all three email accounts combined. How do you get the SENT Folder to show up below under the different separate account listings?

Thank you!!

I have the same question. I would like to prioritize the mail accounts and have the subfolders like “sent” under each mail account. As it is the type of folder is the priority.
Can this be changed?

TaaDaaGina if you haven’t noticed if you click on “sent” you will see subfolders for each account.
I am trying to figure out how to have all the subfolders listed under the email account they come from as I mention in my other post.
To me this makes much more sense than having to jump to sent or junk and again select the particular account.
No responses so far but probably because the intent is /was not clear.
I have several account s for different reasons and one or 2 are hardly active. I’d like to just open one at a time and have everything available.

As @A-Monell stated, you can uncollapse the folder and select the specific accounts’ sent folder.

Alternatively, as shown below, you can view a single account at a time by clicking the icon next to “All accounts” and then choosing your specific account from the dropdown (or use one of the keyboard shortcuts shown)