How do you Unsnooze an email or change the Snooze time/date?

I can see the ‘Snoozed’ folder with all the emails that have been snoozed but I have no idea how to actually unsnooze an email or change the time/date on a snoozed email.

I tried to snooze an email for two weeks time so tried typing in Friday 21st in the custom input in the snooze popup but that clearly didn’t work so no idea what formats this accepts - does anyone know?

You can unznooze the mail if you move it back in your inbox and try it again.

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Ah I see. Drag the email from the snoozed folder back into the inbox and it removes the snooze so you can set it again.

Nice one thanks.

Do you happen to know what format to set a custom date though in the snooze?

Format Day (word), Date Time
Mo.,24.05.2021 12:00

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Amazing. Thank you so much.

I’m not sure how we would ever have supposed to have known that so would be really useful if this was noted in the box that pops up (unless it is somewhere where I have not noticed it).