How to read/write to /var/mail/{user} on localhost?

I want Mailspring to read and write to /var/mail/{user} on localhost. That’s it. Is there any way to do this?

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-c, --config-dir-path Override the path to the Mailspring configuration directory [string]

Thank you for your response, but I do not yet understand it.

Exim4 sends mail from localhost to /var/mail/$USER. That is an mbox mail spool. It contains things like crontab reports and security information. From my user account, I do not send mail FROM or TO localhost. I want to to read and write to the /var/mail/$USER mbox file. I read my other email accounts using Mailspring, the accounts that connect me to the outside world (my work email, gmail, etc…). I would also like to read and delete my localhost email mbox file in Mailspring.

Please let me know if the solution you suggested would help with my problem, and how I would follow your suggestion.

Thank you again for making a suggestion.