How to run the unit tests?

I’m still trying to figure out how to properly set up my dev environment to contribute to Mailspring. I still haven’t figured out how to run the unit tests.

I was initially hitting this error:

[12736:0327/101055.732:INFO:CONSOLE(26)] "Error: Could not find a file at path '../../static/jasmine'
    at ThemeManager.requireStylesheet (file:///C:/src/Mailspring/app/src/theme-manager.ts:163:13)    
    at SpecRunner._setupAppEnv (file:///C:/src/Mailspring/app/spec/spec-runner/spec-runner.ts:118:19)

It looks like the path is actually static/style/jasmine so I modified that:

--- a/app/spec/spec-runner/spec-runner.ts
+++ b/app/spec/spec-runner/spec-runner.ts
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ class SpecRunner {

-    AppEnv.themes.requireStylesheet('../../static/jasmine');
+    AppEnv.themes.requireStylesheet('../../static/style/jasmine');
     AppEnv.themes.initialLoadComplete = true;

After that, I tried./node_modules/.bin/electron ./app --enable-logging --test again, and a blank Electron window popped up, along with dozens of cmd windows that didn’t seem to be doing anything

Am I missing something? Where are the test results supposed to appear?

I looked in .travis.yml to see how the tests are configured for CI builds, and it seems like Travis doesn’t actually run the tests :confused:

Would you be open to using Jest for the tests instead of Jasmine (at least, for new tests)?