How Voting Works

Voting is one of the best ways you can steer the direction of Mailspring! Every user has a limited number of votes they can use however they like.

  • Vote for Themes and Plugins you like.
  • Vote for Feature Suggestions you think should be implemented, either as a core feature or plugin. Higher voted features are more likely to be implemented.
  • Vote for Bug Reports, Sync Issues, and Service Issues you are experiencing. We endeavour to handle higher voted issues more quickly.
  • Vote for Installation & Packaging issues that affect you, to help us prioritize what platforms and environments to support.

No other categories support voting; you can use the ordinary “Like” there instead, as much as you want. The “Like” button doesn’t work on topics where Voting is possible.

How Voting Works

Everyone has a limited number of votes, based on their trust level.

  • New: 25 votes.
  • Basic: 50 votes.
  • Member: 100 votes.
  • Regular: 250 votes.
  • Leaders: 500 votes.

Casting a Vote

To submit a vote, click the Vote button next to the topic title. Hovering over the Vote button will show you how many votes you have left.


View Votes

To see who all voted on a topic, click the number.



If you want to Unvote, thereby reclaiming your vote, click Voted and Remove Vote. You can now cast that vote elsewhere.


Releasing Votes

When a feature is implemented (or rejected), or an issue is resolved or otherwise closed, your vote on that issue will be released back to you automatically! You’ll be notified when this happens.

For example, when the Calendar feature is added to Mailspring, the “Calendar Support” feature suggestion will be moved to #features:resolved, and all the votes for it will be released. Those votes can now be used elsewhere.

P.S. Voting history cannot be erased by us. If a topic is moved to Resolved, and then moved back out, the Votes will be restored, and consequently “un-released”. We try to avoid doing this; we prefer creating new issues for regression bugs, rather than reusing old issues.

Go Vote!

Now that you know how it works, let your voice be heard!