I am still waiting for my refund

I have email edyour support and Ben personally half a dozen times. You keep charging me for PRO eventhough I am not using Mailspring AT ALL, let alone the PRO version. In fact, a year ago I had switched to the basic version but you saw it fit to charge me a week ago. No one seems willing to respond to me regarding this matter. On Tuesday I will be reporting the issue to my Bank and VISA as a case of fraud.

Thank you,
Petros Diveris

I am very sorry for what happened.

I just got an into from Ben that he talked to you. Is this issue reduced now, or do you still need support?

I gave up and contacted my bank last week . Blocked their auto withdrawal. I was reimbursed by my bank for April, when the service stopped working through September. I am really glad this was brought a little more to the spotlight. I know a lot of people are having this problem too, and no where can you find anything or anytime that Mailspring has addressed it.


Easiest way, block the card and get it replaced