iCloud Mail sync problem


Mailspring loads correctly the folders of my iCloud mail account but seems to fail to load the messages. When I click on “Show Progress” every folder is stuck at 0%


Email Provider

Apple iCloud Mail


  • OS and Version: Arch Linux
    • Installation Method: AUR package
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.2

ISTR people here having had problems with Arch Linux builds before - the process for building on Arch may not be as well defined as it might be! Can you try one of the “official” builds instead?

Hi and thanks for the reply!
I just tried with the Windows build (win11, mailspring 1.9.2) and it seems to have the same problem. Also, I forgot to mention that another IMAP account works correctly both on arch and windows.

There have been various reports of problems with iCloud accounts here, too. Perhaps one of those threads has a solution for you? :crossed_fingers: