Icon Badge on Ubuntu

We need to add support for the “unread message” icon badge indicator for the Ubuntu GNOME desktop environment (and others).

It is worth noting, the problem is already solved. The .desktop file has to be renamed from mailspring.desktop to Mailspring.desktop. That’s all!

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I confirm that changing the name of the .desktop file to Mailspring.desktop fixes the issue on Ubuntu 20.10. However, this only works for the .deb version of Mailspring and not for the snap version.

I will need to debug the issue for the snap further.

It does not work for me, however, I am not sure if it is bug of Mailspring. I presume that the badge should be on the Mailspring icon in the systray.

  • I installed Mailspring using RPM package on Fedora 31 using dnf.
  • I use Sway WM and Swaybar.
  • Mailspring version: 1.8.0-8983dca2.

This PR will change the name of the .desktop file, so that the icon badge is placed correctly (when installing the .deb package). Not tested with the snap package yet, as I was unable to build the snap package correctly so far.

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