Id.getmailspring/onboarding unreacheable

hello, since about a month or 2, i am using mailspring and this morning I couldn’t connect any account. nor could I reconnect them.
Uninstalled mailrpsing, clead the cache and everything.
Dowloaded a new pack and I the get the following message :
impossible to reach the server responded with a certificate that, by our clock, appears to either not yet be valid or have expired.

I am on a yearly billing.

If anyone can help. wouold save my day :slight_smile:




exact same situation and same issue since this morning

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Also seeing the same here this morning, 2 out of 3 mail accounts currently will not connect or update.

Checking the SSL its showing the * certificate as expired today (screenshot) Image 2022-06-28 at 9.14.40 am

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seems the issue is the same here

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don’t do the same mistake I did to unsinstall mailspring and re install because you can’t even access your account after that.

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Thanks for the report. We are aware of the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible.



I hope you understand that this is a major mistake and not acceptable if you take peoples money for a servie which you that don’t supply. I mean an expired SSL - how can this happen? Just really bad handling from your side!
Better get this fixed asap if you don’t want to loose more customers!!


Agreed alot of people use this for their business and have not been able to use it since yesterday afternoon and it’s now just being talked about 12 hours later. I think some refunds need to be coming to people

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seriously, no email access in MailSpring for a whole day !? Funny way to handle emergencies !

when are you guys planning to renew the certificate ?

I am very sorry about the issue and have been personally affected as well. I just received the confirmation from the sole maintainer of the project, that it should be resolved. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Everything back to normal for me. many many thanks.