Images on Emails in GNOME Dark mode appear as-if negatives rather than original


When using Mailspring on Fedora 36 from Flatpak, any and all images in email appear as if they’ve been filtered by a negative filter rather than showing the proper orignal colors, as per Imgur: The magic of the Internet

To Reproduce…

Install Fedora 36, install Mailspring from Flatpak, configure GNOME to use Dark Theme (even standard dark mode theme in Gnome’s Appearance settings). The sample screenshot was taken from a twitter-sent email news feed, and Twitter and Apple News both will show up as negatives, and both of these news providers have styling specific for dark mode theming.

Expected Behavior

Images to appear normal and not negative/inverse filtered.



  • OS and Version:
    • Installation Method:
  • Mailspring Version:

OS: Fedora 34-36
Installed by: Flatpak
Mailspring Version: 1.110.5-1ce06f18

Additional Context

Most images seem to display correctly overall, but it’s more specifically likely related to emails that are designed to follow a light/dark mode theming like Apple News and Twitter do.