Improve Select-All Behavior


I would expect Ctrl-A or Edit --> Select All to select all messages when highlighting one message in a mailbox.

Instead, it selects the name and email address of the contact in the rightmost pane, if that is open, or the title of the message.

(Originally posted by slhck on GitHub.)

Hey folks! There’s a Select-All action in the app, but depending on your keyboard shortcuts it may not be bound to Cmd-A / Ctrl-A (which is odd.) Try * a if you’re using the Gmail set.

We should definitely bind that to Ctrl-A all the time… actually not sure why it’s not.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

I have changed the default keybinding, so that Select All is bound to Ctrl+A on Linux and Windows and to Command+A on macOS independent of the mail application chosen as template for the keybindings.


As part of this, the Edit > Select All menu option needs to also attach to “Select All Messages” in the correct contexts.


I have added a bugfix for the mentioned Edit > Select All menu entry to the currently open PR:

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This has been resolved and the fix will be included in the next release.

Hooray! I’ve also marked it with the #resolved tag, to distinguish it from stale and invalid issues.