Inbox Layout

Hi, is it possible to have the inbox items across multiple lines, i.e. sender on one line, subject on another and 1 preview of the email on another - see attached.

Yes, but Mailspring decides which layout to use based on how wide the message list is. So, if you currently have it all on one line, try making the message list narrower. At some point, it will switch to the multiline format. Not ideal but it’s what we’ve got! (If you’re using the “Two panel vertical” layout, where the message content is below the message list, this may be tricky. Try that “Two panel” layout, which puts the message content to the right, allowing the message list to be narrower.)

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Thanks, so simple when you know how!! :grin:


In my case, it never switch to this multi-line view. Is there any way to force it? (If not, it would be nice to!)

@PabloRQ How narrow have you tried to take the message pane? Perhaps you could share a screenshot?

If it is behaving wrongly, it would be useful for the devs to know your system details (operating system and version, Mailspring version and installation method). And, if it persists, it’d be better to report it in the Bugs section of the forum rather than as a request for Help (this section).

Never mind. I just haven’t narrowed it enough.

Thank you anyway!


Heh - no problem! Glad you sorted it.