Inbox missing emails


my Inbox as well as others, often is missing emails, the syncing Is incorrect. sometimes it catches up but then it goes back to missing a number of messages.

The sync new email, causes it to catch up for a while, then it goes back to losing messages. This has happened with me constantly across a number of versions of Ubuntu.


everytime I launch the inbox oscillates the message count, sometimes all messages appear, sometimes some of them go away.

Email Provider

using IMAP to


Mailspring 1.11.0.-6193b33c
Ubunto 23.04 Linux 6.4.8-t2-lunar
Apple Mac Powerbook Pro

installed with Ubuntu SNAP latest/stable

can you give me some debugging hints?

I see the following in log

6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:44.243] [main] [info] ------------- Starting Sync ( ---------------
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:44.247] [metadata] [info] Metadata sync disabled, not logged in.
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:45.247] [background] [info] Marking all folders as busy
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:45.254] [background] [info] Syncing folder list…
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:45.883] [background] [error] Could not create required Mailspring folder: Mailspring/Snoozed. ErrorCreate
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:45.885] [background] [info] Syncing folder list…
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:46.001] [background] [error] Could not create required Mailspring folder: Mailspring/Snoozed. ErrorCreate
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:46.987] [foreground] [info] syncFolderChangesViaCondstore - INBOX: modseq 1000000000000120599 to 1000000000000120599, uidnext 43946 to 43946
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:46.989] [foreground] [info] Idling on folder INBOX
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:47.219] [background] [info] Sync loop deleting unlinked messages with phase 2.
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:47.222] [background] [info] Sync loop complete.
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:59.246] [metadataExpiration] [info] Scanning for expired metadata
6032 [2023-10-19 15:56:59.246] [metadataExpiration] [info] – Will wake for next expiration in 7200sec
6032 [2023-10-19 15:58:47.222] [background] [info] Syncing folder list…
6032 [2023-10-19 15:58:47.368] [background] [error] Could not create required Mailspring folder: Mailspring/Snoozed. ErrorCreate
6032 [2023-10-19 15:58:47.458] [background] [info] syncFolderUIDRange for INBOX, UIDs: 1 - 43946, Heavy: false
6032 [2023-10-19 15:58:47.515] [background] [info] - INBOX: remote=49, local=13, remoteUID=3wn5xD98rLJWFKASNqWQYf9Y9Etd3YepdKBDuGE41
6032 [2023-10-19 15:58:47.515] [background] [info] - Fetching full headers for 36 (of 36 needed)

interestingly, I see the same behavior with the MacOS version of Mailspring. so whatever is going on with IMAP and Zoho is in common here.

I am still seeing this exact issue with v 1.13.0-89078ce5 any ideas?

Having the same issues, and can’t have the inconsistences in a mail program so I won’t be using or recommending this application

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Same issues for iCloud account mail - messages over a couple of days old disappear and I have to rebuild the cache- they come back for a while then disappear again