Inbox still shows mail after being deleted and constantly opening new mail windows

I am a new user, so its entirely possible this is a user error!
MailSpring Version 1.9.2-6e14dad1 installed on Lunux mint 20. .
I have two issues:

  1. when I delete a mail from my in box, (doesn’t matter if I right click and select delete, click any of the ‘trashcan’ icons or press the delete key, the preview pane changes to “one message in the thread is hidden because it was moved to the trash or spam” ( this was a single mail, not part of a thread). If I click on another folder and come back, its gone, but unless I select something other than the inbox, and come back, deleted mails sit in my inbox
  2. when I click on delete and random other icons, it keeps opening new mail windows…
    If i go delete a bunch of mail, they are all still showing in the inbox and I now have a bunch of new mail windows open.
    Can anyone help - I really want to like this software, but these two issues are show stoppers for me.

Did you install the snap or the deb (or something else)? I’d suggest trying the official deb version - I’ve found (also on an Ubuntu 20-based distro) that this has significantly fewer problems.

I installed the Deb64 version from the software manager panel in Mint

That’s really odd behaviour then. Have you tried the official deb from the Mailspring website?

Ill give that a go thanks