Inconsistent email opening notifications

Hello there, first issue here. Apologies in advance had I chosen a wrong category for it.

I’ve been using Mailspring since it went full open source, and I really like it. However, there’s a small bug happening every now and then which is a bit strange. It is related to the notifications upon sent mails being opened.

This feature works (it correctly notifies email openings), though too much: it sometimes notifies me more times than real opening ones. For instance, I sent my girlfriend an email (she’s got gmail), and I received way more notifications than I should have, over the hours following the first open. In fact, there was even one at 6 am, a time when we were both sleeping.

The opposite also happens sometimes: I sent my an email from my gmail account in Mailspring to a hotmail account I have outside Mailspring, and it only notified on first open, not on successive ones.

In case it helps, I have installed mailspring on Manjaro (latest stable version, Ornara)

Thanks, and I hope it helps!