Is MailSpring the latest Hiri?

Hiri started out nice & was abandoned. The lead developer of Mailspring hasn’t posted here since May. Reviewing the commit log from May and prior, there’s lots of activity. Since May, one batch of commits on Sept 5. Nothing else.

Is this abandonware?

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Hope not as its the best email client i have come across. Suspect they are not generating enough revenue as I don’t need the most of the Pro features. They need to change the business model, to get more fees to cover support and upgrades.

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I agree. The app has some really great features. I was considering going Pro. It would be sad to see the app die.

I did have to stop using it because the search function doesn’t seem to work well. I search email a lot. I had an email in view & could not formulate any query which would show it in results. Back to Thunderbird.

The project needs more developers, paid, partially paid or volunteer.

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