Is somebody reading my friends emails?

Hi everyone.

I sent couple of emails via Mailspring app to my friend and we found out that Mailspring app notifies me that my friend is OPENING these emails at times like 3AM, 4AM…which she is not. Yesterday we set up an email, where I put a geolink trap…this email was again opened by someone which was not her…but that subject (could be a bot??) did not click on the geolink url which would localise him/her.

Any ideas why this is happening? Is someone spying on her emails?

Don’t know, but this doesn’t really look like a Mailspring question - it’s really about your friend’s email system and how it handles mail. Perhaps, though, someone might be able to explain how these notifications work in MS.

What do you mean?

Mailspring tells me my email was opened…this means Mailspring detects opening of an email. She has a classic Mail OSX client.

On the photo: First opening of her email - she did open. Second (in red) she did not opend…she was offline all that time.

Any ideas?

If mails are being read from your friend’s account, that’s nothing to do with Mailspring - it’d just be that Mailspring was letting you know! (That is, Mailspring would be working properly.) If you want to answer that question, you need to talk to your friend’s email provider and check their account hasn’t been hacked. (A good first step would be changing the password on the account and adding two-factor authentication if possible.)

If the issue is Mailspring wrongly reporting an email has been read when it hasn’t received a notification, then that’s an issue with Mailspring, but the developers would need to know that a read notification definitely hadn’t been received - and that’s a bit hard to track down, unfortunately! One option might be to check whether other mail clients that offer read notifications show the same problem - then you know whether it’s how Mailspring’s working or whether the problem’s in your friend’s email account.

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thank you. good answers.

is there any other service like Mailspring you would recommend to test?

There are lots of other mail clients out there and which you choose really depends on what you need. The easiest option if you just want to check delivery info is often your mail service’s webmail service, although the features these offer vary a lot!