Is there a setting controlling delete email behaviour?

Hi All,

The thing that’s been driving me nuts and started a hunt for a new mail client is the handling of the delete key.

Assume I have 3 emails all unread:

I click on the ‘Two’ email, and read it. Now I press the ‘Delete’ key. I want ‘Two’ to be deleted, and the cursor to go to ‘Three’. I do not want the cursor to move back up to ‘One’.

In Apple mail, sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s not. totally broken. Screws with my read/unread status.

In Mailspring, when ‘Delete’ is pressed, ‘Two’ is deleted, and the email ‘One’ is selected always. Incorrect behaviour, but at least it’s consistent.

Is there a setting to get Mailspring to leave ‘One’ alone, and select ‘Three’?



Going through the source code, I’m guessing this is caused by editable-list.tsx:273. In the case where index===0, the index is incremented, otherwise it’s decremented.

Hrm…now how to rebuild after editting that line? Then tomorrow’s project: how to represent that on the Preferences pane, so it could be toggled?



I can try to start the app using ‘npm start’, but then it says that mailsync service cannot be found. I can’t download that for my mac, nor can I compile it on my mac as autogen doesn’t work.

I’ve worked myself into a corner, it would seem.