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I am relatively new to Mailspring, but I really enjoy it. It’s simple, and it simply works. Thank you for making it happen.

I am having an issue, though. I often write in other languages from my american english keyboard, in which I need special characters. When the characters are chosen, though, they are added in front of the cursor, in addition to the original character, as opposed to the special character replacing the original one behind the cursor. I know, it sounds confusing. Hopefully the attached screen recording will provide some clarity.
I am using MacOS version 11.4 with Big Sur, and I am not having this issue with any other app.

I understand that this is something that might not bother many people, but if there was a fix for it, that would be awesome.



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The screen capture isn’t available - it seems to be a link to a file in your Dropbox. You probably need to use the “Copy sharing link” feature to make it available here.

I apologize about that. Does this work?

Yes, thanks. Where does that text-insertion popup come from? Is it a new macos widget, a third-party tool or what? Given that Mailspring uses Electron to build its desktop app, I suspect it’s a bug in Electron but am not the person to take a look at it, I’m afraid - just another user.

If you have any other Electron-based apps (Slack is one, for example, I think - it’s generally cross-platform web apps that use it), you might be able to see if the same issue arises.

It’s not a new widget. It pops up by holding the desired key down. In this case, I held the letter “a” for 2 seconds, and that little popup comes up.

I needed to point out that there is a bug. Where that bug comes from and how to fix it (unless it’s a user level bug), is beyond my comprehension. I am just seeing an app that works, but has some small bugs that need to be detected and fixed.