Just updated, app won't launch

I have recently updated to v1.9.1 and now unable to launch the app. I see it trying to load, but then it never actually launches and it then disappears from top bar.

Running PureOS w/ Gnome v3.30.2

Any ideas what’s going on or how to debug?


Try to start it from the terminal via mailspring and see, if you get an error message there. You can try to uninstall Mailspring, delete your configuration directory ~/.config/Mailspring (this will delete your mail config and all emails stored on your system) and reinstall the app. If you are lucky, this may help.

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Ah yes it was the stupid sandbox issue and got it fixed with --no-sandbox

Is this a perms issue or is there some way to allow it to run from app launcher? thanks for the help!

yup just answered my own question and solved frm this thread Error open 1.9 Debian Buster

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