Keyboard shortcut to move between labels on the left

There doesn’t seem to be any keyboard shortcut for moving around in the left-hand labels, forcing me to downgrade to mouse inputs when I am working with my keyboard in order to view emails in other categories/labels. I suggest something like ctrl-alt-up/ctrl-alt-down which is the same shortcut as Discord for changing between channels. In the same spirit as Discord again, we could also have ctrl-shift-up/ctrl-shift-down to navigate only between labels that have new emails (that is, an unread count is displayed next to them)

(Originally posted by oxysoft on GitHub.)

+1, because I do 99 % of the computer work via keyboard :slight_smile:

I would add the traditional Alt+[letter] to open the menu (like Alt+F to open the File manu) – it does not work on CentOS 7 installed from the official .rpm package.

(Originally posted by tukusejssirs on GitHub.)