Keyboard Shortcuts is not "context aware" leading to weird behavior (text editor vs. email list)


I’m used to using Cmd + Backspace on macOS to delete e-mails (Airmail / Spark). I set up Cmd + Backspace on Mailspring. This is also pretty common on macOS when deleting a whole word or a full line for example (this is the typical behavior for text editors). Once in the e-mail editor (replying a message for example), “Cmd + backspace” shouldn’t delete the message, but it does.

To Reproduce…

Expected Behavior

I would expect that the “delete message” shortcut would be disabled while I’m writing a message (so I can use the cmd + backspace) to delete full words. This is pretty much the default behavior on other applications (both email and others). A good example would be VSCode: you have a file selected, but while you are on the text editor pressing cmd + delete won’t delete the file.


macOS 11.6.2
Mailspring 1.9.2

Additional Context

Open to contribute to this. I’m not too sure whether this is an unexpected behavior on how the shortcut functionality was implemented (local vs globalHandlers?) or a bug on the lib itself?