Keybord shortcuts improvements

I have just noticed that the following keyboard shortcuts are not working on Mailspring 1.10.5-1ce06f18 on Linux.

Not working shortcuts

These shorcuts should work, however, they might have been deprecated and removed in a previous version of Mailspring:

  • navigation:go-to-contacts;
  • navigation:go-to-label;
  • navigation:go-to-tasks;
  • window:reload;
  • application:show-main-window [Window → Message Viewer (Ctrl+0)];
  • F10 nor Alt+$letter, but pressing and releasing Alt selects File, then Space or Down opens the menu. While the menu is open, Right and Left arrows won’t change the selected menu, but I need to press Esc, move Left or Right and open the menu again using Space or Down;
  • Esc when I open preferences (? or Ctrl+, or Edit → Preferences), Esc does not close them unless I click anywhere (on a tab or an empty space/background);
    “application:open-help”: “w”, // This does not work, whatever is the shortcut
    “core:show-keybindings”: “mod+shift+,”, // This always works with ?, but even when changed, it always works on ?
  • application:more-actions;
  • core:change-category;
  • core:pop-sheet (also in here; in GUI, it is named Return to conversation list) does not work, at least when I use two-panel layout:
    • when I open (using keyboard shortcut or mouse-click) a message (email), when I press Esc or U, it does not close the email (i.e. the reading pane should be blank).


  1. Add the following keyboard shortcuts (I believe they are self-explanatory):

    • navigation:go-to-unread (possible Google-inspired shortcut could be g u);
    • navigation:go-to-snoozed (possible Google-inspired shortcut could be g z);
    • navigation:go-to-reminders (possible Google-inspired shortcut could be g r);
    • navigation:go-to-important (possible Google-inspired shortcut could be g !");
    • navigation:go-to-trash (possible Google-inspired shortcut could be g b);
  • navigation:go-to-activity (view current account Activity; possible Google-inspired shortcut could be g v);
  • ??? (open Activity menu with rolling box; possible shortcut could be v);
  • core:focus-item-new-window (open selected message in new window; possible shortcut could be either Shift+o or Shift+Enter).
  1. Although comments are (were?) allowed in keymap.json, but only on separate lines. When they are placed after on the same line as the key-value pair (e.g. "key": "value" // some comment, regardless if there is a comma after the value and its quote), Mailspring ignores that particular keyboard shortcut definition (i.e. entire line).