LanguageTool compatibility or spellcheck language switcher (when writing an email)

Dear Mailspring team,

I usually write emails using different languages (English, Spanish and Catalan) and I would found very useful an easy way to switch between languages because, right now, I can only spellcheck the emails written in my system’s language (Spanish).

When I want to write an email in Catalan or English, I get forced to use Gmail via my browser, where I can use the “language tool” plugin to spellcheck (this plugin automatically detects the language that I’m using).

So, my humble request is: could be possible to add some kind of compatibility with the language tool plugin (LanguageTool - Corrector ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo ) or, if not, could be possible to switch between languages when writing a mail?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,

P.S. I tested a lot of email clients, and Mailspring is the only one which fits all my needs, I love it! :slight_smile:

I have the same need, a quick language switcher (or Keyboard shortcut) to avoid going in the Preference all the time.